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Here at JBM Environmental Services we have a wide range of skips, a question we receive a lot is, what can you put in a skip?  It is often not clear what can safely be placed into the skips and what shouldn’t be placed into the skips.

Hiring a skip is an excellent and convenient way of getting rid of waste in your home. During home and garden cleaning or clear-outs, you will realise that you have different types of waste to dispose of. Before you embark on waste disposal, it is imperative that you understand what type of waste you can put in a skip. This is based on the fact that there are a number of regulations on what you can put in a skip, and what cannot. This may vary based on the skip company you hire.

Things You Can Put in a Skip

1. Can Cardboard go in skips?

Cardboard is one of the most easily recycled materials. and all forms of cardboard can be put in a skip.

2. Can nails, electrical wire and roofing go into skips? (Construction/Demolition Waste)

Items that are considered construction waste are items such as nails, electrical wiring, shingle, and roofing as well as waste from site preparation such as dredging materials, tree stumps, tree branches, and rubble, all of which can be put into a skip.

3. What Household Items can go into skips?  

Items such as bottles, cans, clothing, compost, disposables, food packaging, food scraps and yard trimmings are considered household waste and can be put into a general skip.

4. Can Magazines and Brochures Go into skips?

All kinds of magazines, papers and newspapers can also be put in skips as they would also be considered household waste, and can be disposed of in a skip.

5. Can Steel, Copper and Aluminium go in skips?

All types of metals, steels coppers can be put in a skip.

6. Can Timber go in skips?

Timber products such as panels, composite panels, veneers and timber flooring can all be placed in a general skip

7. What wood products and furniture can go in skips?

Wood and wood products such as old furniture, hardwood flooring and tree stumps can be put into skips.

8. BONUS ITEM: Mixed Recyclables

People under the impression that only rubbish can go into skips – that is definitely not the case. Recyclable items such as plastic bottles, cans, glass and paper can be disposed of into a skip.

Things You Can’t Put in a Skip

1. Can Asbestos go in skips?

Due to it’s toxic nature, asbestos cannot be deposited into a general skip. Asbestos must be disposed of by licensed specialists.

2. Can Batteries go in skips?

Batteries can not go into general skips due to the hazardous materials they contain. Car, machinery and rechargeable batteries can be disposed of at garages or recycling centres.

3. Can Fridges/Freezers (White goods) go in skips?

Fridges and freezers can’t be disposed of in skips, however, some councils offer specialised collection services for items such as these.

4. Can Tyres go in skips?

Due to the nature of the materials, you cannot dispose of tyres in a general skip. Tyres can be disposed of by tyre fitters, or by contacting the Tyre Recovery Organisation they will be able to find a tyre collector.

5. BONUS ITEM: Paint and Paint Cans

Because of the toxic chemicals in paint, it cannot be disposed of in skips. Similarly, paint cans with paint in them cannot be disposed of in a skip. Paint cans can only be disposed of if they are completely empty of all paint contents.

Before you start a big job of any kind, it is worth taking the time to consider how you will effectively dispose of the waste that the job will create.  Here at JBM Environmental Services our team of experts can advise on the best skip hire for your job and the most effective disposal avenue to take.

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