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Metal Recycling


When it comes to metal recycling, JBM stands as a premier authority with decades of experience in providing top-notch services in Newcastle, Gateshead, and various locations across the UK. Our extensive network spans markets both domestically and internationally, catering to end-users in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, thereby allowing our valued customers to maximize their returns on their metal commodities.

The Significance of Metal Recycling in Today's Society:

Metal recycling has emerged as a crucial aspect of modern society. It represents one of the earliest forms of commercial recycling and has always held inherent value in the reuse of metals. Over time, the scrap metal business has grown into a thriving industry, and JBM has played an integral role in driving its success.

Comprehensive Metal Recycling Solutions Across the UK and Ireland:

At JBM, we strive to make the metal recycling process as seamless as possible for our customers in the UK and Ireland. With a diverse range of services available, we offer convenient options for the collection, acceptance, and delivery of your scrap metals. Whether you have metal waste to dispose of or wish to procure recycled metals for your projects, JBM has you covered.

Enhance Your Returns with JBM's Extensive Network:

One of the key advantages of choosing JBM for your metal recycling needs lies in our vast network of contacts. With access to markets not only in the UK but also abroad, we can connect you to a wide range of potential buyers and sellers. By leveraging our extensive connections, you can significantly enhance your returns on the metals involved in your recycling endeavors.


For us to provide the best metal recycling service to you, we need to know about your needs and what you hope to achieve. You can call us free on 0333 335 5349 or, if you prefer, fill out the form below and we will endeavour to get back to you within one working day.